Marriage is a Gift of God
What you need to know.

Christian marriage implies an area of responsibility greater than the mere performance of a ceremony in the Church.  Where the blessing of the Church is sought, it follows that there must be an understanding of what Christian Marriage means, and an acceptance of certain conditions and standards.

How much notice is required for a Wedding?

The Canon Law of the Church requires that at least sixty (60) days notice be given before the marriage takes place, so that opportunity may be provided for the clergy to meet with the couple for at least three periods of instruction on the meaning and purpose of Christian Marriage.

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What if we live away from the parish?

Couples living away from the parish are required to complete a marriage course if one is offered in the area where they live.

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Should we include Holy Eucharist as part of the ceremony?

Where both bride and groom are entitled to receive Communion, it is desirable that the form of service in which the Marriage Rite is incorporated in the Celebration of the Eucharist be used.

Do we need a marriage license?

The Civil solemnization of Marriage Act (1978) requires that a license be obtained from an Issuer of Marriage Licenses, which License shall be delivered to the church office at least one week before the proposed date of marriage.  Such license is valid for 3 months.  Fee is $115.  Available through Service NB.

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Who should we contact to make wedding arrangements?

 Arrangements for the wedding, music, flowers shall be made through the Rector or Priest-in-Charge of the parish in which the ceremony is to take place.

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Are divorced persons permitted to remarry?

It is permitted for a divorced person or persons to be married in the Church, but only if approved by the Priest and the Diocesan Bishop.  Such persons requesting Marriage by the Church are advised to give a minimum of three (3) months notice to the Rector to ensure that the necessary provisions as required by Canon Law and of the Province are observed.

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Will there be a rehearsal?

The rehearsal is usually held on the Thursday evening before the wedding.  To ensure that everyone in the wedding party knows what to do and where to stand, it is important that all involved attend the rehearsal.  It would be helpful for family or friends reading scripture or leading the prayers would attend the rehearsal and practice reading at the microphone.  The officiating priest will lead the rehearsal.

Marriage Guidelines