Christ Church Cemtery is part of the Anglican Parish of Woodstock and is located at 1973 Route 165, Lower Woodstock, NB on the site of Christ Church building.

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To make arrangements, please contact our parish office at (506) 328-4304.

Christ Church Cemetery Restoration Project 2021

A Project of the Cemetery Committee, chaired by John D. Wetmore

May you be inspired by this collection of images from the restoration project at Christ Church Cemetery, Lower Woodstock, NB, 2021. This is a project of the newly formed Cemetery Committee chaired by John D. Wetmore, who rallied an outstanding team of dedicated workers. The video is 9 minutes long. It will give an idea of the scope of the work and the energy, enthusiasm, and commitment of the crew. A huge shout out to John, the cemetery committee, work crew, and everyone involved in beautifying the cemetery. God bless you for your support!

A Memorial Service will be held at Christ Church Cemetery on Sept. 12, 2021, at 3 pm. In the event of inclement weather the service will be held inside the church. Refreshments will be served and you will have an opportunity to wander through the cemetery and step inside the church. This slide presentation will be played inside the church so you will have an opportunity to view it there and chat with committee or crew members. We hope to see you then!

Christian Burial
Christ Church Cemetery

A Christian Funeral is a time when we pause before the mystery of death and life. Funerals are an expression of faith in our salvation, resurrection and eternal life. As such, we come to worship God and rejoice in the new life he has given us beyond death. We also gather to thank God for the gift given to us in the person of the deceased. Funerals also express the community support that is shown at a time of death as we pray, sing, laugh and cry together.

The burial takes place following the funeral service.  Below is information on acquiring a plot at Christ Church Cemetery, in the Anglican Parish of Woodstock.

Are there plots available at Christ Church Anglican Cemetery?

Burial plots are available in Christ Church Cemetery, Lower Woodstock.

The cemetery belongs to the Anglican Parish of Woodstock.  For details on purchasing a plot, please contact our parish office at 506-328-4304, or stop by 104 Church Street, Woodstock, NB  E7M 5Z7, or fill out and email the form at the bottom of this page.

A map of the cemetery, which identifies the location of burial plots, is kept at our parish office.

Plots are $600, to be paid to the Church, with an agreement signed between the lot holder and the Rector, Wardens and Vestry of the Corporation of the Parish of Woodstock.  Lot holders will receive a copy of the agreement upon purchase.

Details of the agreement are below.

Details of Agreement to Acquire a Burial Plot

1.  The burial plot will be identified by a number, as designated on the Cemetery Plan, as well as dated, and kept on file in the records of the Church and assigned to the Lot-holder for burial purposes only.

2.  The Church will keep the grass properly cut and trimmed and the turf in and upon the said Lot(s) in reasonable condition and preservation, to the extent provided by interest eaerned on investments held in the Cemetery Perpetual Care Account.

3.  All expenses incurred in connection with the opening and closing of graves, the installing, straightening, adjusting or cleaning of the monument on the said lot(s), or any extraordinary expense, shall be paid for by the Lot-holder.

4.  All lot(s) will remain flat and only Head or Foot Stones will be used as markers.  No plants, shrubs or trees will be planted on the lot(s), unless authorized by the Church.


5.  All burial lots will remain the property of the Church and no lot may be transferred from one Lot-holder to another without the written consent of the Church.

6.  No grave may be dug or re-opened except as authorized and directed by the Church.

7.  All burials shall be conducted by a cleric (Bishop/Priest/Deacon) of the Anglican Church or by a cleric (ordained minister) authorized by the said Church to conduct the burial.

8.  The Lot-holder shall comply with such other rules and regulations as may be adopted by the Church in connection with the cemetery.

Such agreement will be signed by the Lot-holder and representatives of the Church, namely the Rector and a Warden.

Burying Cremated remains at Christ Church Cemetery

What does the Anglican Church teach about cremation?

A funeral can be held with the body present before cremation or with the cremated remains in an urn on a table near the chancel steps.

The remains of our loved one should be reverently buried in consecrated ground, as soon after cremation as possible.

The scattering of ashes is not an option in our liturgies, and if a family decides not to bury cremated remains in consecrated ground, the Priest is not required or expected to be present.

Cremated remains may be buried in an existing grave, with the consent of the family concerned, and in accordance with our cemetery guidelines. 


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Christ Church Cemetery

Part of the Anglican Parish of Woodstock

1973 Route 165
Lower Woodstock, NB E7M 4K8

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