Since 1786
Anglicans have been here that long?

The Anglican Parish of Woodstock was formed in 1786, the first church being erected in 1804 or 1805 near the north end of the cemetery which surrounds the present church in Lower Woodstock. 

This photo is believed to be the Reverend Frederick Dibblee, first rector of the parish 1791-1826.  Submitted by Doug McLean.

History of the Beginnings of the Parish History Christ Church
Christ Church, Lower Woodstock
Nestled in the original cemetery in the area.

Standing along the east side of River Road (Highway 165), Christ Anglican Church is surrounded by the large Anglican cemetery.

The current building was consecrated in 1867.  It replaced a previous building, which was constructed much earlier near the Hodgdon Road.

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Newspaper Article from 1867
On the Parish Church

This historic news article begins:  "Over sixty years ago the first church building was erected in what is now the Parish of Woodstock. In that period of time a very wonderful change in the aspect of the country, which was then a forest, where now fertile fields, fruitful orchards, comfortable houses, and commodious and convenient - in many cases elegant - Church buildings abound.  

The first church, referred to above, was the Parish Church, three miles below the Town of Woodstock.

For sixty years that building occupied its picturesque situation; there the early pioneers of settlement in this part of the Province worshipped.  Within its walls many of those who are now our oldest inhabitants, as well as their children and their children's children, were christened, while beneath its shade the bodies of many of those who first planted the signs of life on the shores of the St. John, and of their descendents, have been quietly laid away in that rest which shall only be disturbed by the Archangel's trump!"

The article continues at length.