Children age 10 yrs. and up may choose to become a server-in-training, assisting the priest in worship.

The server-in-training wears a red medallion over a white servers alb.

Parents, please ensure that the server-in-training is vested and prepared for the service five minutes before the service is to start (ex 10:25 am). This includes being robed, light candles, have a bulletin, set up any chairs that are needed and find pages in the Book of Alternative Services (BAS) and hymns in the book of Common Praise.  When on duty, the server-in-training stays upstairs for the entire service. 

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Duties of Server-in-training

He or she must be able to, safely and without aid, light and extinguish the candles.  This will be done with prior instruction.

The server-in-training will receive the offering, turn and face the altar for the prayer over the gifts, and place the offering plate/s on the altar near the candle at the right-hand corner of the altar.

He or she will be learning how to follow along with the service, focusing on the ‘gathering of the community’ and ‘the dismissal of the community’.

Once these duties can be done with confidence, the server-in-training will then learn to carry the processional cross.  Once they can carry the cross with ease, they graduate to Acolyte.